G / Greatness

Grupo Tandal is born from a project that has always thought big and will continue to do so in qualitative terms and not only in quantitative terms. Great facilities, great details.

R / Reach Challenges

The corporate history of Grupo Tandal is full of milestones that obey challenges. Positioning Grupo Tandal as the first urban resort in Granada is not a provocation, but a commitment to the future to remain a benchmark in the services sector.

U / Unity

We do not renounce the identity of each of the services we provide individually to our clients, so we adapt their personality and offer to the needs of each public (catering, hotel, events, etc.). But we do understand the importance of work in a unified way the concepts of quality, requirement and corporate identity. Its alignment with the strategic plan of the company also allows us to be more competitive. Therefore, we chose to link all network profiles to a single brand (without losing positioning, optimizing resources).

P / Purpose

Our aspiration is that the client to come and stay because in our complex enjoys everything you want or need. The purpose, therefore, differs a lot from that of offering services taking advantage of the situation that they do not have something similar around them. It is not to prevent them from leaving, but to encourage them to enter.

O / Our Pride

We are deeply satisfied to have come this far through values such as effort, sacrifice and a sense of commitment and belonging to a family project that has continued to be independent of the economic context. We consider it as something so valuable that we do not turn our backs on what we have been, but we turn it into the starting point towards what we want to be.



T / Temptation

Enjoying a hotel night, a vacation, an exclusive event or a lunch or dinner in our complex does not obey a basic need, hence we understand the importance of seducing the senses, of working the emotions until we manage to provoke a stimulus: to perceive a desire as an accessible, achievable, enjoyable pleasure.

A / Amazement and Honesty

There is nothing more dangerous than mismanagement of illusions, so we take care of every detail so that the surprises only cause admiration and the feeling obtained by knowing and enjoying the facilities is positive. This is achieved by working with absolute transparency and honesty, so that the client always has clear what we offer and how we offer it. A personal, sincere and fluid communication allows you to satisfy your needs but also your desires without bad interpretations.

N / New

We have been pioneers in the execution of innovative projects for the hospitality sector of Granada (leisure facilities, sports, etc.) And we want to continue being with the only complex in the province that has the capacity and resources to offer a comprehensive service that meet all the needs of a client, regardless of their profile.

D / Delight

The ultimate goal of Grupo Tandal is that customers are so satisfied and happy that they want to return. And pleasure is the most powerful loyalty tool, that’s why we work tirelessly to favor and facilitate your enjoyment.

A / Attention

Empathy is putting oneself in the place of another, not occupying it. We understand the needs of our clients and that is why we offer you a personalized service, according to your preferences, objectives and budget. We take care of your stay, organization of the event or gastronomic experience with the same care as if it were for a loved one.

L / Leadership

Leading a sector is much more than going in the lead. Leadership results from making sound decisions, not only to increase the volume of resources of a company, but to create a team of professionals committed to the company’s values and to work enthusiastically for a common goal: to get the client alive an unrepeatable experience but with a vocation to be repeated.